The Message of the Conference Chairman


The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Imam KHAMENEI, in his new year’s (Nowruz) message designated 1401 as the year of “Production, Knowledge-Based and Employment Creation”

Entrepreneurship is widely accepted on a broad scale as an effective strategy towards achievement of economic goals, realization of social welfare, promotion of creative and innovative culture and, put it briefly, deemed a factor for “value creation”. Entrepreneurship will also pave the grounds for creation of competitive advantages and optimal use of relative advantages and, most importantly, will provide a stimulus for sustainable economic growth and societal sustainable development, specifically, in the underprivileged regions.

More understandably, the entrepreneurial activities are greatly influenced by the entrepreneurial ecosystem and business ventures in the society, while the environmental factors such as entrepreneurship education curricula will accordingly play a key role in new business creation and establishment of an appropriate entrepreneurial ecosystem. Based on this perspective, it is highly essential to adopt policies for development of entrepreneurial activities, generation and transfer of knowledge and technology by and from the scientific-research centers and other entities to the business arenas and spheres.

Doubtless, entrepreneurship development and creation of advantages in businesses will entail the use of knowledge and technological innovation in economic organizations and enterprises. Affirming the strategic role of entrepreneurship development in the country and considering the necessity of using new knowledge and technologies in business arenas, in particular during the sanctions, the Faculty of Entrepreneurship of the University of Tehran has planned to organize “the Fifth International Conference on Entrepreneurship: Emphasizing Sustainability and Digitalization of Businesses”, on February 26-27, 2023 in collaboration with accredited local and international universities to  provide a platform for discussion and exchange of information on the highly advanced theoretical achievements, hands-on experiences, cutting-edge research methodologies in the area of entrepreneurship development as well as entrepreneurial concepts with emphasis on sustainability and business digitalization. More notably, the conference will be run and organized in partnership with the highly renowned international universities, and local scientific institutes and domestic executive bodies as in the past. It is expected that this conference, being contributed by the highly respected local and global experts, will provide unique opportunities for researchers, theorists, practitioners and senior and high-ranking executives in the country to exchange views, ideas, experiences and pave the way for close cooperation in future. It is further hoped that your participation in this conference will help us to enhance the quality of conference, enrich the theme of the conference and contribute to the realization of the objectives set for this conference.


Jahangir Yadollahi Farsi, Ph.D.

Chair, “the Fifth International Conference on Entrepreneurship: Emphasizing Sustainability and Digitalization of Businesses”

And Dean, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of TEHRAN